3D GeoSolutions

3D GeoSolutions, an engineering practice based in Deventer, is the Netherlands’ market leader in 3D measurement, modelling and classification of public space and buildings, and has a great deal of experience of complex issues.

By using 3D and the most up-to-the-minute techniques, planned interventions can be imaged with exceeding accuracy, providing better understanding as well as a superior result.

Museum director Frans Leurink’s aim in using these techniques is to make the world a bit lovelier.

Products & Services

The company has undertaken projects outside the Netherlands as well as at home. An example of a foreign order was a hotel to be built in Damam (Saudi Arabia). The definitive designs were taken from 2,000 drawings and translated into a 3D building information model (BIM). Using this allows for design faults (including hidden ones) to be spotted, avoiding problems and knock-on costs during construction. It also provides scope for checking the progress of construction against the plans.

In the Netherlands, too, 3D GeoSolutions has delivered remarkable projects, including scanning and 3D-presenting the terminal buildings and the large P1 car park at Schiphol Airport; Amsterdam Central Station; and scanning part of the new animal accommodation at Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.

The company is also involved in Deventer’s Stromen door de tijd (Streaming Through Time) initiative, an exhibition forming part of the Deventer Verhaal museum organisation. For this initiative, Deventer city centre was measured and modelled in 3D. Together with other organisations, 3D GeoSolutions came up with a 3D image of the city’s past and present. For the next few years, the result will be on show to the public at De Waag Museum in Deventer.


3D GeoSolutions

Zutphenseweg 55

7418 AH Deventer

The Netherlands

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Export Ambition

GloBLD/3D GeoSolutions is participating in an European platform for amongst others  housing corporations, architects, project developers, consultants and computing services companies.  Through this network GloBLD/3D GeoSolutions expects  further growth in Europe.

Exporting Countries

Belgium, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom


Under the operating name GloBLD, 3D GeoSolutions is working on an international geocommunication platform. In simple terms, this program is a kind of Google Earth, but 3D, with every object on earth analysed and classified. The software will allow building plans to be married up with the results of 3D measuring schemes. The platform will be a meeting place for applications including augmented reality, virtual reality, serious gaming and other disciplines. Significantly, this platform is being made available to other partners (including international ones), together with the invitation to help build the world, with a chance for partners to develop their own revenue streams from the data.