Black Sheep Reporters

Black Sheep Reporters (BSR) Agency, an international photo press agency, has been founded six years ago. Nine people work at BSR, spread between the branches in Deventer and Haarlem. Worldwide 40 photographers and 31 partners in the same amount of countries are connected to BSR.

Products & Services

The heart of the company is the online trading of mainly press photos and videos within the categories Entertainment, News and Features. Besides their own photographers, BSR also uses freelancers. BSR’s clients are media firms such as broadcasters, production agencies, newspapers and magazine publishers at home and abroad. Most of the sales (90%) happen online. The remainder comes from various assignments. BSR has an own photo database which contains around 58 million photos. Per day 55.000 photos and 700 videos are added to that. People annually download 2 million times from the BSR system in the Netherlands.


Black Sheep Reporters

Keulenstraat 16

7418 ET Deventer

The Netherlands

Export Ambition

BSR currently develops a new product. Photos and videos are being made interactive. In a little while the users can click on interactive segments in the photos and videos. When you click on a certain garment, sunglasses or a piece of jewelry for example, you will be led to the webshop where the product is being sold. Currently there are serious negotiations going on with the English Daily Mail for a launch early 2017.

Exporting Countries

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Turkey and United States.

Viral photo and photopartner MTV World Music Awards

Sometimes it happens that a unique photo goes viral globally and cross medial within just one day. The first time was not long after founding BSR. Model Naomi Campbell was injured during a robbery and had exited using the backdoor of the hospital wrapped in bandages. BSR owned the only photo! The photo went viral and was on nearly every TV station, website and tabloid in about 30 countries. It was a huge boost for the start of the company.

Recently BSR was chosen to be the exclusive photo partner of the MTV World Music Awards. The firm from Deventer will lead the international press before and during the entire event.