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Brilliant Work is situated in Oosterbeek, near Arnhem, and has coaches in Doetinchem, Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Eindhoven. In addition, Brilliant Work works with customers from all over the Netherlands, and beyond, via Skype. Brilliant Work’s team consists of 7 people with experience in export, company growth, HR, franchising, strategy, sales and marketing as well as management. This means that, Brilliant Work can offer help regarding a wide range of our customers’ questions.

Products & Services

As an entrepreneur, board member, or manager, you probably would like your company to grow in the Netherlands and, if possible, also beyond. Brilliant Work’s experienced company coaches and consultants are the perfect partner to help you achieve that goal. In addition to experience in supporting customers, Brilliant Work also has first-hand export experience in business. Also, Brilliant Work’s work is subsidised by the government and the province for nearly all companies, from start-up sole proprietors to companies with 250 employees! For SMEs who want to export (more), the work is nearly always 100% subsidised. Please contact Brilliant Work for more information or a free intake interview.

Examples of customers and the countries they export to with our help are:

  • Sail maker – US
  • Sun boilers – Suriname
  • Medical devices – worldwide
  • Photography studio – German customers


Brilliant Work

Weverstraat 111

6862 DM, Oosterbeek

+31 (0)262-130704

Export Ambition

To help as many entrepreneurs, board members, and managers as possible to achieve company growth both domestically and abroad.

Export Countries

The United Kingdom.

Free coaching and consultancy trajectory

Export generates a third of all the money that is being made in the Netherlands. Is your organisation exporting structurally? Do you know how to go about it in the best way?
Brilliant Work can help customers with 100% government subsidies. Dutch companies with fewer than 250 employees qualify, and there are very few restrictions. This is why Brilliant Work can offer an entirely free coaching and consultancy trajectory with a solid action plan or export plan as the end result.
The export subsidy applies to both companies that provide services and companies that make or deliver a physical product. Please contact Brilliant Work for more information about this subsidy opportunity.