Castart B.V. was founded by Aart van den Dool in 2009, as an agent for foundries, forges and steel and stainless steel construction companies from Portugal, Poland, Spain and Romania. Aart van den Dool has a wide technical knowledge and experience as a seller in this sector.

Products & Services

The export products and services consist of casting and forging, in all ferro and nickel alloys including stainless steel, Duplex, nodular pig iron, all steel alloys and wear-free white pig iron  for the dredging industry for instance. The orders go from single items with a weight up to 25 ton to series of 10.000 pieces of 1 kilo for example.


Castart B.V.

S.H. de Roosstraat 20

7425 RD Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 6 50 20 00 99

Export Ambition

Executed projects vary from a stainless steel heat exchanger, an oil tank to a floating ponton and everything in between. But the machined processing of big pieces or steel constructions to 15 x 10 meters is also possible. The clients of Castart are in the offshore, chemical, maritime, agricultural and dredging industry, amongst others.

Van den Dool sees a trend where many companies opt for the quality label: ‘Made in Europe’. Assisted by the low salaries in Portugal and the lower transportation costs, more and more customers choose for the products of Castart. Van den Dool expects that the turnover will reach 10 million Euro within two years. Priorities are a bigger market share in Germany and Scandinavia.

Exporting Countries

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Dubai and United States.

Word-of-mouth advertising

“A great deal with Shell, as they heard about Castart’s  good work via via. Shell placed an order for the development and production of a special casting”, says Van den Dool. Early 2016 Castart received a big order of 2,5 million Euro: the production of sheaves for pipes. A ship places them under the sea.