CompLions is a specialist in terms of (IT) risk management and compliance, with emphasis on data security. The company was founded in 2009 and currently has 24 employees. CompLions has customers in: health care, accountancy, trade and industry and at governments and telecom firms.

Products & Services

CompLions supplies services and software to control the risks around data processing, privacy and cyber criminals. Governments and companies raise their demands regarding data security. CompLions owns special software programs for that, which meet the requirements of ISO 27001, NEN7510 and other safety norms which were determined by legislation. The software can be connected to company software and it is easy and clear in use. Unicity exists because the client can fill out a set of measures based on various requirements. This does not overlap with legislation, audits and reports. Time and costs will be saved by the customer.



Keulenstraat 8E, Gebouw IJsselwinde | 2de etage

7418 ET Deventer

The Netherlands

Export Ambition

CompLions is proud of the first foreign client: Proximus (formerly known as Belgacom). CompLions recently started working with a Belgian partner. Through this partner CompLions was able to welcome even more Belgian clients.

With its software department CompLions wants to be a global player. More and more clients ask for a solution which must work in the country of the client. For that CompLions will work with local IT-firms that can deliver local knowledge and support. Currently there are ongoing discussions with potential partners in Brazil and Great-Britain. These are big IT-firms which together cover about three quarters of the world. The year 2016 is all about the collaboration and operationalization with foreign partners. The goal for 2017 is that 50% of the software turnover comes from abroad.

Exporting Countries