Drive by Wire

Drive by Wire, a Deventer rock band, ‘hell yeah!’ Worldwide known. A band that has many tours on its name. Simone Holsbeek singing and percussion guitarist, Jerome Middendorp de Bie, drums / percussion; Alwin Wubben, guitarist; Marcel Zerb, bass guitarist Drive by Wire.

Simone talks about music, about hard rock and blues and about the common thread that music plays in her life. Simone starts with her first band Cords and travels around the world. Cords receives a Golden Eagle. A cultural prize and distinction from the municipality of Deventer for proven services: offering hard rock music worldwide a stage, which has a positive impact on Cords and on Deventer. Simone: “I am proud of that!”

Products & Services – Hardrock met een vleug blues

Simone: “Before you have put together a tire, you are on the road for a while. It takes time to find the right people who fit within the signature. Hard rock with a hint of blues, an experience that many feel when they see Drive by Wire play live. “The new release of a CD is scheduled for January 2018. A record deal with the Italian label Argonauta Records has been signed for the new productions. “That is special because it makes the CD spread worldwide. And Drive by Wire uses a global network. ”


Drive by Wire

Export Ambition

The contacts they have made over the past years are bearing fruit. Tours of eight days in Greece, France, Germany and also America. “The first performance in the Deventer Theater in November 2017, fat!” The Apollo festival in Deventer is planned for the end of November. Rock & blues in which the shrill sounds of the guitarists sound and the lyrics are written by Simone. Simone, “Songs that hit you and that arise from small everyday things. I enjoy that. ”

Exporting Countries

Germany, Scotland, Ireland, USA, France, Brazil


Drive by Wire is through crowdfunding able to rent a studio in the summer months of 2017 for recordings of the new CD. “What is special about this campaign is that we have come into contact with people who love our music. People who are our audience and the band is very fond of investing in a CD. “With listening sessions for a select group, where the Greeks and French people belong to the audience, the new songs are ‘tested’.