Johan Veentjer (director) talks about his company Filmoor. With precision he knows which filters are best used for. Since 1993 he has been active in the filter industry and has worked for several companies before he started his own business in 2000. Veentjer: “Because of the knowledge of the past years, we are very innovative. Developments in the food and chemical industry are fast. We therefore carry out various tests with multiple partners to explore new possibilities for the use of filters and sieves. ”

Products & Services

Filmoor specializes in many types of filters and screen fangs:

  • Filters that are used in the food industry, (petro-) chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Filters developed from woven (sieve) mesh in stainless steel and polyester, polyamide, polyaramide, polypropylene and polyester needle felt.
  • Filters and sieves from perforated plate and stainless steel hand sieves.


The filter products of Filmoor are diverse. Compositions of stainless steel and polyester are possibilities.
Stainless steel filters used for the separation of gas, oil and / or water in the petrochemical industry, in the food industry in the separation of potato flour and water, in agriculture for the separation of manure and moisture. Filters in many forms from drums to pleated filters, with the aim of generating a better product, innovations to make the right separations in the matter.


Filmoor Filter Media Solutions

Maagdenburgstraat 22

7421 ZC Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0)570 658 262

Export Ambition

Fillmoor supplies products in many industries. Johan Veentjer has built up a wonderful company through personal acquisition. Always looking for new opportunities and innovations to grow his business.

Exporting Countries

Benelux, Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland and Scandinavia

Wire mesh

It is amazing to see, the intricacy of the woven stainless steel wires. ‘Dutchplane’ is a weaving method that was used in the 17th century for the sailing of large seagoing vessels. This weaving method is popular for filtration through steel meshes with a sieving density of up to 5 μm (micrometer mesh size). In addition to stainless steel, filters and screens are also supplied in polyester woven gauze but also non-woven polyester and other plastics in white and blue for the food industry and pharmacy.