Fire Stop Systems International

In 2006, father and son Oosterbroek started selling fire resistant ventilation grills. In the course of time, new products were added to the range from own product development. Four people are now working at Fire Stop Systems (FSS).

Products & Services

FSS offers a wide range of fire protection products for fire compartmentation. Initially this is a program of fire resistant ventilation grills. This has been specially developed for applications in interior and exterior doors, walls, floors, window frames and placement directly on glass. The products are mainly used in schools, nursery homes, apartments, data centers, transformer stations, parking garages and storage bins for chemicals. The various fire and smoke resistant door profiles are relatively new, as well as the acoustic insulating door profiles.


Fire Stop Systems International

Schonenvaardersstraat 8c

7418 CC Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 570 63 06 78

Export Ambition

Fire Stop Systems expects to continue growing in the segment of shipyards. Also the Scandinavian market is interesting to FSS.

Exporting Countries

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Montenegro, and Portugal.
Algeria, China and Russia.

Quality comes first

Fire Stop systems was called by a large German Shipyard that had two large Cruise ships being phased out. The door profiles they wanted to use did not meet the requirements. They asked whether FFS wanted to come over and test out their door profiles. This was immediately followed up and after some testing, it appeared that the FSS profiles were right. Then, within one week, 35,000 meters of these profiles was to be supplied. This was achieved with a lot of overtime. Now, FSS supplies profiles to multiple shipyards. Unusual was also a panic call from a large Turkish construction company that was building a five star hotel in St. Petersburg. Their ventilation system was not suitable and they informed per telephone whether FSS had a certain type of ventilation system in stock and what the dimensions were. The man immediately came over per airplane and proceeded to take the system in his specially purchased trunk back to Russia.