Human Drive

In 2010, Ron Brans founded Human Drive, together with two of his friends, Cees de Lange and Frank Klein Koerkamp. The business is specialized in safety training courses. Starting point is the RA&E (Risk assessment & evaluation). The RA&E describes the safety and health measures within a certain company. Human Drive B.V. is specialized in drafting an RA&E and can execute the measures that are necessary for each company. Human Drive has nine employees on its payroll.

Products & Services

Within a company there are essential tasks that have to be described to comply with the labour environment laws of which the RA&E is part of. Human Drive offers trainings so companies can comply with their RI&E. These trainings are divided into different categories: safety trainings such as SCE (Safety Health Environment – VGM – Checklist for Entrepreneurs); Sound; Arbo; OHS; Dereliction; Hazardous materials; etc.

Drafting and integrating care systems (ISO 9001 and 14001) is also part of the service. And of course, emergency response courses are included as well.


Human Drive B.V.

Nieuwstraat 148

7411 LP Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 88 486 2637

Export Ambition

Human Drive would like to increase its growth in Belgium. One way of doing this is e-learning. In this field, the Belgians are somewhat behind compared to the Netherlands. Ron: “This is starting to develop itself in Belgium just now, and we would like to be there when it happens. We are now adjusting our Dutch e-learning courses for the Belgian market. This goes beyond translating the original texts to Dutch-Flemish. We noticed that the average Belgian is different from the Dutchman and are adjusting the modules in collaboration with a Belgian partner.

Expansion is also expected in Germany and Poland. A trainer has been appointed since 2016 who’s fluent in Polish and German. Ron: “We focus primarily on Polish workers in the Netherlands, but this also offers opportunities for Germany and Poland in the future.”

Exporting Countries



In general, courses are instructed by means of traditional education. However, the past few years there has been an increase in e-learning modules that can be followed. A student can determine for him-/herself when (s)he follows the training. Blended learning (a combination of e-learning with one day of instructional education) is preferred by many clients.

Recently, Human Drive also entered the Belgian market. The customer (NH Hotels) was so satisfied with the safety and emergency response courses that Human Drive organized for all its Dutch franchises, it decided to train the employees from the 17 Belgian sites in the same way. To achieve further growth in Belgium, Human Drive has opened a Belgian branch.