Interactive Blueprints

On November 18, 2011, Michiel Otterloo, Jan Willems and Rutger-Jan Loenen have joined forces and founded their company Interactive Blueprints. This company develops software products with the aim to help organizations and the people in them to work smarter, simpler and more enjoyable. This has been successful: after five years, the company has 17 employees and has opened sales offices in London (United Kingdom) and Göttingen (Germany).

Products & Services

Interactive Blueprints has three products. The first product FlexWhere has been developed as a handy tool for organizations that have adopted the new way of working. With the tool, employees can easily find a free workplace or meeting room via their mobile and other devices. They can also easily find colleagues in the building. The product provides insight into occupancy rates, which helps facility management to use spaces in a sustainable way.

With this product, Interactive Blueprints is the market leader in the Benelux. Thus, e.g. all officials of the municipality of Rotterdam with this system. In the Netherlands, the new way of working is fairly well introduced, and abroad is also starting to take steps here. The intention is to start selling FlexWhere in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Interactive Blueprints

Achter de Muren Zandpoort 10

7411 GE Deventer

The Netherlands

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Export Ambition

Interactive Blueprints is growing fast. Due to further focus on the United Kingdom, Germany and in the future Scandinavia and Poland, turnover will continue to grow. Interactive Blueprints also continuously works on product improvement and the launch of new products.

Exporting Countries

Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom

The world of construction

The products ED Controls and QR Controls have been developed for the construction sector. Loenen: “Michiel and I have our roots there”. We have experienced that the communication on the construction site between the contractors and the many subcontractors can be simpler and more efficient. We have developed ED Controls for this. By means of the app, the operator can easily record an instruction or a building fault (ticket) by means of a marking on a drawing. He adds the photograph and enters the address of the subcontractor. The subcontractor then receives the ticket through the system, carries out the work, and reports the ticket for ready as soon as it is ready. The executor receives the notification that the work has been carried out, can check the work and, by agreement, archive the ticket. ”

In total, the counter now stands at over 13,000 construction projects, there are 35,000 users in the system and nearly 3,000,000 tickets have been created. The third product is QR Controls. Loenen explains this: “Regulations are coming up for the building industry, which makes it increasingly important to focus on quality assurance and risk management. The system offers fully automated support for quality assurance in projects. We believe in the opportunities that risk-driven working offers. That makes the success of QR Controls. ”