Interplate was founded in 1991 as a specialized industrial screen printer. With four employees, they process materials such as aluminum, (seawater resistant) stainless steel, brass, plastics, vinyl for sustainable terms.

Products & Services

Interplate boasts the unique combination of a graphics company combined with a metal company. Work is being performed on numerous products with modern machines through various techniques such as screen printing, engraving, etching, printing and laser engraving. Without being exhaustive, we name the following examples: text panels, labels, front panels, polycarbonate stickers and tag plates. The clients are very diverse, from machine builders to offshore and from engineering firms to municipalities, Public Works and the Navy.



Gotlandstraat 9

7418 AZ Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0)570 677 077

Export Ambition

Interplate mainly supplies to the technical market. This market is currently growing again, which Interplate benefits from. The revenue was very stable already, despite the crisis, but is currently growing. The export share of the sales will increase in parallel with the Dutch sales. Lately Interplate has acquired many clients that are active in the offshore. Through word of mouth, more clients will be added to this.

Exporting Countries

Belgium, Germany.

Indirect Export

Indirect export is one of the merits of Interplate. The company provides aircraft panels to a supplier of Airbus. Interplate is proud to have equipped many Airbus aircraft systems with panels. “It gives a boost to see your own products in the airplane when you’re flying”, says director René Schreijer. With a bit of luck, the cooperation with the Dutch supplier will be further deepened. Recently a first trial panel of Interplate was sent to the Russian aircraft manufacturer Tupolev. About 15% of the sales of Interplate comes from abroad.