In 2008, Geddy van Elburg founded Ionmoon. It started initially as a firm in web analytics and web advertising and now Ionmoon has become a strategic partner for international businesses and organizations with internet marketing as the focus. Eleven people are working at Ionmoon.

Products & Services

For Dutch and foreign companies, Ionmoon performs complete e-commerce strategies. This varies from search engine optimization to web logistics and everything in between. Ionmoon is very active within an international network of Google specialists. This way, Ionmoon can immediately respond to the newest information of Google, such as the newest search strategies, ranking of search terms and such that are used. Quality over quantity! Another benefit of operating within an international network is that the best internet knowledge is available for each country, allowing this company to apply this to al of its customers.



Antwerpenweg 4

7418 CR, Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0)85 876 9557

Export Ambition

Ionmoon expects to also achieve the growth of 100 percent from the past two years in the next two years. Thanks to a close coopertion with the headquarters of Google, Ionmoon is at the forefront of the major changes that will occur in the coming period in the field of Internet Marketing. Van Elburg: “YouTube is becoming increasingly important and companies need to work on the privacy regulations that are forthcoming.”

Exporting Countries

For Dutch clients, service is provided worldwide indirectly. Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Australia, Brazil and United States.

Every Job is Special

Every job is special for Ionmoon. “We try to achieve maximum results for our customers with minimal budgets,” says Geddy. “A good example of this is the making of a webshop for a machine builder where machines of four tons and up are sold. Visitors can modularly build the machines themselves and the order button has been replaced by a ‘request quote’ button. This resulted in a revenue growth of 100% in one year time”. This typifies Ionmoon, thinking and acting differently, with maximum results. And this can also be seen from the project for the National Fund against Cancer, for which Ionmoon has adjusted the Internet strategy. With this adjustment, the website became visible and attracted more visitors, with an increase of 900% in just one week.