JPR Advocaten

JPR Advocaten is a unique professional law firm with two offices in Deventer and Doetinchem. In total, 80 people are working at JPR, of which 40 are lawyers. On a yearly basis, they work on about 2,400 cases.

Products & Services

The juridical services of JPR can be divided into Entrepreneurial Law, Real Estate, Employment Law, Liability and Insurance Law and Family Law. In an international context, collaboration is done with the International Practice Group (IPG). Here, 110 law firms from all over the world work together to offer their international clients a global legal network. Additionally, JPR has found an association with the law firm Alpmann Fröhlich Rechtsanwälte from, among others, Münster. This attorney and notary firm has approximately the same size as JPG and the same mentality.


JPR Advocaten

Zutphenseweg 31b

7400 AP Deventer

the Netherlands

+31 (0)570 61 40 80

Export Ambition

JPR expects to develop their cooperation with Alpmann Fröhlich Rechtsanwälte. The foreign sales through this cooperation has doubled last year. There is a lot of potential still, because the German market is very big.

Exporting Countries

Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and the United States.


A good example of integration of the IPG network was a Dutch client of JPR that operates worldwide as a supplier for the automotive industry. Through the network, JPR has sought advice for the specific application problems of the patent of the client, especially in Asian countries, and presented this to the client as practical advice. The client was also brought into contact with an American lawyer, this lawyer has founded an establishment in the US for our client (establishing legal entity, staff employment contract and so on). Later, this same client implemented procedures in Spain and Italy, assisted by law firms from the IPG network. JPR is also proud of the fact that they have been commissioned by major German and Swiss (re)insurers. Until recently these insurers only did business with the major law firms at the axis of Amsterdam South, and now also in Deventer.