Kienologic is a specialist in process optimisation and has extensive knowledge and experience in the metal processing industry. They do this by applying Lean Manufacturing and Quick Response Manufacturing with continuous improvement as their goal. In practice, using lean manufacturing and QRM methods has led to a 20-30% increase in output or 50-70% shorter lead times. This means excellence in production. The company was founded by Mike Kiens in 2008. Several years later, co-partner Mandrie van den Berg joined the company. A total of four professionals are currently active at Kienologic.

Products & Services

Kienologic stands for innovation of the entire company process. Its most important goals are higher customer satisfaction and lower costs/better profits. This means improving the competitive position of your company. Kienologic supports companies by through consultancy, trainings, and implementation support. Kienologic’s power lies in its thorough knowledge of and experience with the metal sector and mechanical engineering, mainly with companies in the midrange segment, with 20-150 employees.

Kienologic’s approach is different for every company, but can generally be described as follows:

  1. Brown paper session(s): In what areas does the company need improvement?
  2. Workshop: Getting to know the QRM and Lean principles in a fun way for the purpose of transferring knowledge and creating support.
  3. Process mining: On the basis of the client’s data, we make the product flow, bottlenecks and different process steps visible and measurable. This is how we confirm the assumptions regarding process improvement by processing the client’s data in Kienologic’s database, which has been built with our own relevant input over the past several years.
  4. Hands-on implementation: We usually start with one department in order to be able to show the rest of the company what the results of the implementation of the new working method could be.



Nijverdalseweg 145

7461 AG Rijssen

+31 (0)575-542490

Export Ambition

Kienologic is busy focusing on the German market, with a main focus on Northeim-Westphalia and Niedersachsen.

Mandrie van de Berg, co-partner of Kienologic: ‘We find it important to apply our working method in Germany as well, and we believe that companies there are also open for further optimisation of company processes. Luckily, the language and culture are not a barrier for us!’

Export Countries

Germany and Belgium.


Many companies in the Netherlands are already enthusiastic about Kienologic’s support. Good examples are MFE, Prinzen and Bosch Hinges, who are able to ensure that their customers abroad can also be served in a better and faster way, thanks to the work of Kienologic’s specialists.