Carla Thierry is fascinated by the operation of sound, rhythm and movement. Since 2017 she develops and creates crafty sound art and sound installations with her heart and head. These help her to elevate from the hard reality. The unique play of sounds and resonate makes that every creation is unique.
Experience for example the healing powers of sound and rhythm in the Klareson sound chair. A delicate way to return to your own source of forces.

Products & Services

The importance of her creations lies within pure sounds. To experience the power, she gives experience concerts and it is also possible to visit her workshop. Like this the publicity will be increased and instruments find their own way to the user. This also happens through art fairs.

Health, freedom and autonomy

For tens of years Carla used to work as a physiotherapist with self-healing and later salutogenesis as focus. Carla: “In ancient China the doctors were being paid to keep people healthy. According to me this is the correct way of thinking of a socially responsible health care.”
As soon as she got in touch with a system where health, financial welfare and autonomy have been combined into one business concept, she stopped her practices as physiotherapist.



The Netherlands

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Export Ambition

Carla Thierry became an independent distributor of Beyuna, the first Dutch network marketing firm, in 2014. Beyuna ist a fast growing young company in the wellness and health sector. With a growing group of people she takes care of the marketing of Beyuna and increases the national and international publicity of this concept. Carla: “ The nice thing is that I have something to offer to people. High standard products with an honest earnings model. What more to ask for? Working together with co-workers of your choice. Everyone is independant and responsible for himself or herself. We share knowledge, we grow and we develop ourselves, and we earn money with each other. Like this we make the world a little bit better “

Working with a group of people who all have a different background is very enriching. My world has grown since then. I am much more broad-minded. This is business in its finest form.

We are always looking for fun, enthusiastic co-workers. Especially in times like now, where many people expect a big change because of atomization and robotization and start looking for an income and worry about their retirement it offers unique chances for many people.

Exporting Countries

Germany, Switzerland, Ireland