KNOX Facebook Marketing

Roel Elsman launched his company, KNOX Facebook Marketing, in 2015. Roel was already professionally much involved with Facebook, and his fascination for this social media platform led him to decide to focus entirely on it with his own company. As Roel says: “We believe in hyper-specialisation; only that way can you really make a difference for your clients as compared with what other companies can do.” This hyper-specialisation has been noticed by Facebook Europe: KNOX is now one of the first Dutch agencies to boast the title of Facebook Certified Planning Professional.

Products & Services

More than 100 companies have now found their way to KNOX. The clientèle is very diverse: KNOX does staff marketing for engineering agencies (including big ones) and small enterprises, for instance. The quantity of responses to vacancies is lower, but the quality much higher, thanks to the extensive application of segmentation.

Another target audience is e-commerce companies. Facebook’s Dynamic Ads tool lets products that people put in their shopping basket but didn’t end up buying still appear on their timeline to grab their attention again. This yields a conversion rate of 3% up to, in some cases, 10%, thus allowing turnover to be achieved which in the first instance seemed to have been missed. KNOX provides this service for a range of major Dutch companies, including, and Paul Warmer.
For an Australian web development platform with a Dutch branch, KNOX developed under White label a platform for Dynamic Ads. The company has 10,000 customers globally and this platform that KNOX developed has now also been supplied to the first clients in the Netherlands.


KNOX Facebook Marketing

Van Calcarstraat 4

7415 CK Deventer

The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)6 245 34 344

Export Ambition

Many of KNOX’s clients operate internationally. Having made a reality of its success in the Dutch market, KNOX is increasingly being asked to repeat that success in other countries too. So Roel expects that KNOX will be expanding abroad as well.

Export Countries

Directly: Belgium, Germany
Indirectly: Finland, Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia

3-step strategy

Using Facebook’s latest tool, Custom Conversion, KNOX has come up with a three-step strategy. This way, KNOX provides the entire sales funnel, from awareness via consideration to conversion. All this is done on the basis of the valuable data of customers and/or website visitors.
KNOX has also set up a number of themed pages on Facebook. The sauna page, for instance, now has almost 50,000 keen followers. Through that page, using affiliate marketing, KNOX sells packages for a variety of sauna chains. KNOX has also set up themed pages around jogging, baby and child products, and senior citizens.