MapGear B.V. was founded in 2011 by Wouter Goedhart and Egbert Griffioen. The company develops innovative websites and apps based on geographical data and offers complementary devices as well: geo tablets, GPS cameras, and TouchTables. MapGear has six employees and is experiencing a strong growth.

Products & Services

The interactive Zonnekaarten (Solar maps) in particular contribute to MapGear’s success. On these online maps, residents and companies can enter their address, and the application developed by MapGear will indicate whether their roof is suitable for solar panels, how many solar panels would fit on their roof, and what the average purchase price and payback period would be. All of this in less than a second. Wouter and Egbert are proud to announce that more than 150 municipals now use their solar map.

MapGear TouchTable: the ultimate conference tool

The latest product from MapGear is the TouchTable: the first real user-friendly MultiTouch table that can be used vertically and horizontally. It’s the ultimate tool for interactively involving conversational partners in an idea or project. Visualisation, inventory, presentation, cooperation: all without using a keyboard or mouse. This is made possible through a 46-inch Full HD screen and a strong PC on a wheeled chassis.



Zutphenseweg 6

7418 AJ Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 570 7460 70

Export ambition

Wouter Goedhart and Egbert Griffioen expect a great deal from the future. The use of geo data through the internet provides endless opportunities for residents, companies, and authorities. The men of MapGear have plenty of ideas and products in various stages of development.

Exporting Countries

MapGear has clients in Belgium for the interactive Zonnekaarten (Solar maps). The application is in development for the city of Antwerp and it is expected that many Belgian cities will soon follow.

Firefighters and campsite guests

To benefit the fire department, MapGear developed an application for tablets. This helps firefighters on their way to the fire to obtain information about the building quickly, which saves the fire brigade precious time. At the moment MapGear is working on the digitisation of campsite maps. This way, owners can provide information about pitches that are important for campsite guests in a user-friendly way. In previous years, MapGear has carried out more than 100 projects with a geographical information system for municipalities, provinces, the Department of Waterways and Public Works, and companies.