Mevo Travels

Mevo Travels was founded almost twenty years ago by Jan Jaap Meendering’s father. Three years ago, Jan Jaap took over as manager of the company. Mevo Travels is active in a niche market. The company organises trips with the Trans-Mongolian Express, the Beijing Express, the Trans-Siberian Express, as well as along the Silk Route. Mevo Travels has four employees.

Products & Services

With Mevo Travels you can book a completely arranged trip to the world famous Trans-Siberian Express. The railway line runs from St. Petersburg and crosses through Moscow to Beijing or Vladivostok. Booking a trip goes beyond ordering a train ticket. In addition to all travel documents such as visas, the customer is also informed about the country prior to departure. A train journey has many stations and stopovers that can be utilised for an excursion to nearby attractions.

Furthermore, Mevo also provides trips to countries located on the Silk Route. Or a special trip to Kiev in combination with a visit to the surrealistic Chernobyl, with its abandoned villages and cities.

The target group for these trips is diverse, among which backpackers with a job and no kids as well as those aged 50 and over prevail.

Mevo Travels focuses on the Dutch market and it wasn’t long before Belgium was added to the list. Agencies with European travel organisations have been signed under contract since 2015. These European organisations sell Mevo Travels under their own name, which has led to a substantial growth in customers.


Mevo Reizen

Golstraat 26

7411 BP Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 572 321547

Export Ambition

Mevo Travels wants to achieve further growth. The short-term goal is to realise a milestone revenue of 1 million euros. Growth potential within Europe is possible through the German market. Expansion of the range of travel offerings in Central Asian countries is also on the agenda.

Exporting Countries

Belgium, France and Scandinavia, occasionally Poland and United Kingdom.

Visa arranged quickly online

Mevo Travels also established the website Through this website, visa applications for Russia can be processed quickly. Travellers are required to have a visa in Russia. If you plan on visiting the country, you will need an invitation. By means of a letter that says you are welcome to visit, you will have a document that speeds up the process of your visa application. The service offered by also provides visas for other countries.