MindTime Backup

In 1997, the current backup provider started as ICT provider for notary offices. The company develops during this period along with the many market developments that occur at that time, as said by commercial director Roy Wichink Kruit. “In my early days as a trainee for the ICT company (Mindtime), many companies used costly, complex and less reliable backup solutions. Companies became more aware of the importance of business-critical data that must be available at any time, even after a crash”. The demand for online backup grew in that time, upon which the company decided to fully focus on this market in 2004, under the name Mindtime Backup.

Products & Services

Following the market developments and the choice to fully focus on online backup proves to be a hit. The company makes contact with ICT providers and soon, all of the Netherlands is being serviced.

Mindtime Backup takes care of everything, for both the customer and the reseller, by providing daily and automated backups. The customers and resellers are supported from the office in Deventer, via chat, telephone and email. The backup of the customer is encoded by means of encryption. This will ensure that the customer is the only one with access to this data. Combined with the ISO27001 an NEN7510 certification, making Mindtime Backup internationally certified for information security, the safest and most reliable means to backup is offered for every entrepreneur. Especially with the current cyber crimes of cryptolocker (ransomware) in mind, online backup is the means against the locking of data.


Mindtime Backup

Schonenvaardersstraat 14N

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The Netherlands

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Export Ambition

Wichink Kruit: “We are one of the major players on the Dutch market and since 2009, it has been decided to cross the border”. After acquiring a number of resellers in Belgium, the move to Germany quickly follows. Conquering the German market requires a little more resilience. Mindtime Backup now has contracted various agents in Germany and from Germany, new contacts and collaborations have been established.

Exporting Countries

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey.