NBDA (New Business Development Associates) BV

NBDA supports the export promotion of mainly SMEs who would like to start exporting or want to professionalise their export. Furthermore, NBDA carries out innovation management by giving advice and trainings.

NBDA is situated in Diepenveen and also has a location in Singapore, with 1 Dutch and 5 local employees. With the Starters International Business (SIB) grant scheme for SMEs, companies can focus on markets abroad free of charge. This is also possible through larger full-service projects, mainly focused on Asia.

Products & Services

NBDA’s core business is advising companies about export and doing business internationally. In collaboration with customers, director Erik de Boer determines a company’s strengths and goals and which countries offer the most opportunities. The result is a concrete action plan. “It often helps companies to take that first difficult step.”

Within the SIB scheme, NBDA offers a coaching and preparation trajectory that leads to an international approach in three steps. The Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Civil Service for Dutch Entrepreneurs) has appointed NBDA as executive party for the SIB scheme and pays the costs of the trajectory (€2.400).

When doing research for opportunities and risks abroad, questions such as the following arise. What is your company good at? What do you want to achieve? Which countries offer opportunities? How attractive are the selected countries? Which countries offer the best opportunities? What do you need to capitalise your opportunities in the selected country?


New Business Development associates BV

Burg. Crommelinlaan 35

7431 HD Diepenveen/Deventer

+31 654 24 19 14



Export Ambition

Developing the company in Singapore and helping more companies in especially the East of the Netherlands to create and develop their export.

Export Countries

Singapore, also active in Europe and China.