Overweg Olie

Overweg Olie was founded in 2007 and has quickly acquired a position in the regions of Salland, Twente and Gelderland during the past period. In recent years, the family company of Ton Overweg and his son Bram has been operating domestically increasingly more and is now also active in Belgium.

Its leading web shop for companies and individuals is part of a unique collaboration with globally operating lubricants supplier Kroon Oil. Thanks to a direct link with Kroon Oil’s data, you will always be presented with the most up-to-date information, lubricants advice, product information, photos and stock. Overweg Olie exclusively sells Kroon Oil products, and its own private label is also produced by Kroon Oil.

Additionally, Overweg Oil is also the owner of Putolineshop.com, a web shop for products by Putoline Oil for motorised bikes. In addition to motor oils, Putoline also delivers transmission oils, air filter oils and several maintenance products.

Products & Services

Kroon-Oil and Overweg Olie have been doing business with each other for ten years. Bram Overweg: “Kroon-Oil delivers top quality, provides much support, has a well-organised distribution and makes sure that we can serve our customers well. Furthermore, we like collaborating with Kroon-Oil because it is an innovative company. The 20 litres Bag-In-Box (BiB) packaging, for example, is an environmentally friendly alternative for the old plastic 20 litres barrels. It pours better, is nearly completely recyclable and significantly reduces waste streams. Kroon-Oil has also developed the Powerflush to automatically flush gearboxes. This kind of innovations are interesting for us. Kroon-Oil is a market leader in terms of developments, and they constantly come up with new things.”


Overweg Olie

Kotterstraat 20

8102 HZ Raalte

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Export Ambition

Overweg Olie wants to expand its sales area in Belgium and is also considering entering the German market in the future.

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