Prodoc develops customized software. Software that supports the business processes, so that the entrepreneur can keep his focus on his core business: doing business.
Harry van Nyendaal started his business fifteen years ago. Prodoc builds automation systems, which can be new systems and modifications to existing systems. Automation, so that business processes are improved or accelerated.

Products & Services

Prodoc specializes, among other things, in applications within Microsoft Office – think of templates and customization for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Many repetitive texts and images can be processed in templates, saving a lot of time and money. In addition to knowledge of MS Office, Prodoc has extensive experience in developing customized applications in and around AutoCAD.

The clientele is very diverse. This varies from a local travel agency, contractors, machine builders to international companies. A good example is the work that Prodoc has delivered for the Belgian company Stow.


Stow International, produces and builds storage and racking systems for pallets. With the increasing internet purchases, storage racks are indispensable. Stow sets up storage spaces of 25,000 m2 or more with racks of 16 meters or higher.

Prodoc has been able to assist Stow in writing software for drawing up warehouse racks in AutoCAD. In the software program, a statement by Stow engineers is dimensioned and checked against the standards. By agreement, the drawing is used by Stow’s mechanics, so that the racks can be built on site at the customer’s premises.



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Exporting Countries


Poultry industry chain

Prodoc is also a partner in automating the poultry industry chain. Compliance with the many legal requirements for transport of poultry manure has been analyzed and automated. With this software program the registration starts when loading the manure into the truck. There is a link with the database of the government in which registration must take place. The software includes a ‘track-and-trace’ system for the lorries that transport the manure. Furthermore, the program processes the laboratory results of the manure samples and there is a link with the Bio Massa Centrale database in Moerdijk. Weighbridge data is automatically read in so that invoicing can be carried out. Document management, a link with Exact and management reports are included. Thanks to the software developed by Prodoc, the entire chain can now be controlled.