Roto Smeets

The largest circulation that deep printing company Roto Smeets ever provided is 40 million. Forty million! It was a brochure of 24 pages. After over 80 years, Roto Smeets is the only printing company left in the Netherlands that works according to the special deep printing procedure. Especially suitable for larger orders with a size deviating from A4. There are four presses in Deventer. There are impressive machines to cut, fold or bind the printed paper. The newest investment in Deventer is a method for threadless binding. For the insiders: with a ‘straight spine’.

Products & Services

Director of International Sales René van Werkhoven: “In a declining market we need to fight every day to be the best. The competition is fierce. Orders are becoming smaller and the amount of paper is becoming less, so you need more clients to achieve the same result. Timeliness is extremely important, which is why our people are always working on planning and coordination, which is very precise. And of course we are looking to create more value for our clients. Competition comes from abroad, but also from other printing methods such rotation offset – it takes a part away from deep printing. Clients also decide much later, they are looking for the best solution for their business. This means quite a stretch for planning.” Expansion to foreign countries further away is not profitable, due to the traveling times and high transport costs, and of course the enormous volumes.


Roto Smeets

Hunneperkade 4

7418 BT Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 570 694 500


Roto Smeets Deveventer, started in 1931, now has about 350 employees, of which a large portion works in shifts. Two presses are always running and two from Sunday evening to Saturday until 2 p.m. Roto Smeets Deventer is part of the Roto Smeets Group, of which the Holding is situated at the Hunneperkade too. In addition to well-known magazines such as Donald Duck, Margriet and Libelle the products largely consist of advertising.

Exporting Countries

Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Broadening our offer

René van Werkhoven: “We’re talking about sometimes up to sixty trucks. We do focus on broadening our offer. The step from print to new media is small and abroad, we have a good name. From our printing services we also offer other services that for example can be provided by sister companies. Think of building Internet sites”.