Santé Pharma

Santé Pharma b.v. is a young production company in Deventer which is specialized in food supplements and dietetic food supplies and has been experiencing steady growth since its foundation in 2011. Santé Pharma counts twenty employees.

Products & Services

Ralf Eijkelenkamp (DGA/sales manager) is enthusiastic about his passion for food supplements. He was able to fulfill his dream: set up a company with his brother. He has been fascinated by food supplements for years and has mastered the knowledge of food supplements through his studies. Because of the economic crisis, his dream was closer than expected. From a controller function within the financial services sector, the turnaround came in 2011 and Santé Pharma was founded. Since then, dietetic foods and food supplements are successfully produced at the plant in Deventer.

The importance of food supplements and dietetic foods are enthusiastically explained at length. According to the vision of Eijkelenkamp: “The quality of life is significantly improved, partly due to changes in agriculture. However, because of intensive agriculture, the land no longer meets the total nutritional needs of mankind. This is why the value of supplements has become more than just an afterthought.”


Santé Pharma

Ambergstraat 11

7418 EZ Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 570 750 864

Export Ambition

Numerous companies from various countries are active within this industry, so gaining market share isn’t an easy task. Santé Pharma currently exports around 20 percent of the total production of dietary supplements in Europe and 10 percent to other continents. In 2016, Santé Pharma will place more emphasis on exports, both within and outside Europe, with a projected export growth of 200 percent. Santé Pharma is ready for the future!

Exporting Countries

Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Belarus, China, Dominican Republic, Dutch Antilles, Suriname and Vietnam.

From small to large

The plant at Deventer features several production lines. During this interview, the company is in a significant alteration in order to establish new production lines. “There may be a doubling of production in 2016,” says Eijkelenkamp. “With these adjustments, we can quickly respond to the demand, whereby products can both be delivered as powders or liquids.”