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TransHeroes® | Smart Logistics Group is an all-round logistics service provider, fully focused on transport in and outside Europe, warehousing, and drawing up customs and export documents. The airfreight and sea freight department carries out the transport of goods, imports, exports or cross-trades worldwide. Large enough to handle everything, TransHeroes is also modest enough to know their customers by name. The company is divided into specialised business units. Are you looking for personal and committed service for all logistical solutions: road transport, distribution, sea freight, airfreight, warehousing or a customs document? The TransHeroes team will help you on your way.

Products & Services

TransHeroes® can not only help you with all types of transport, but everything that comes with that will also be arranged. TransHeroes® will take care of all road transport, airfreight, sea freight and even rail transport for you. TransHeroes® can also help you with customs and technical matters as well as warehousing. The company will organise the best type of transport for you and will also make sure to arrange for all of the necessary documentation and storage when required.

By employing specialists for every mode of transport, you are assured quality service. In part because it has its own customs department, TransHeroes® is able to take care of the entire process for you.


TransHeroes® | Smart Logistics Group

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Export Ambition

Because TTS TransAir was founded in 2016 and TTS TransOcean in 2017, the whole world has now become TransHeroes’ playing field. ‘We are going to bring our airfreight and sea freight department to the attention of Dutch businesses over the coming years,’ states Wilko Pierik, Sales Manager for the airfreight and sea freight department of TransHeroes. ‘We expect a significant growth in sales here in the coming years and we will do everything it takes to realise our ambitions in this field.’

Export Countries

The entire world.