Van Klaveren

A Deventer ‘Bijtje’ (a cookie) always goes along with Gerhard van Klaveren in his trunk, and abroad, he prefers to sleep at other people’s home. Taking over the cartridge department of Red Carbonia in 1993 meant the commercial start of the international collector of empty cartridges and used cell phones.

Products & Services

Now, the company is by far the largest in the Netherlands, with hefty global competition. Since 2015, the Eeko Group, which controls the Cartridge Collection Centre, has settled with full satisfaction in Solingen Street, with a dense collection network and almost worldwide sales of cartridges. Additionally, EekoPrint sells price and environmentally friendly cartridges.


Van Klaveren

Solingenstraat 8

7421 ZT Deventer

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 570 858 585

Export Ambition

Working clean, safe, durable and more efficient are ambitions that are always pursued by the company. Foreign business expansion also fits into this category. “A major player in Europe with global sales. We started early in Asia and especially China. Earlier and more intensive in comparison to the competitors, of which the company continues to benefit from.

Deventer remains the favourite. “A wonderful network city, where businesses can join forces so we’re all ambassadors.”

Exporting Countries

Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.

Business philosophy

“The basic attitude when doing business is being open and receptive to others.” Gerhard van Klaveren is clear about his business philosophy. “Remain who you are and take enough rest, because business is just like sports. And if you want something done, ask busy people to do it, you will get it done. Abroad, I look at what is appropriate for my business, sometimes with help from the embassy, or if there’s isn’t one, in collaboration with NBSO, Netherlands Business Support Office, part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My personal tip: Always bring someone from your local network along, which is known locally and knows how to do business.”