Visumservice Twente

Visumservice Twente is situated in Weerselo on a central location in Twente. The company is specialised in procuring visas and legalisations for many countries worldwide where this is required. In addition to procuring visas, Visumservice Twente draws up invitations for several different countries where this is obliged.

Products & Services

Visumservice Twente procures your export documents and travel documents for countries for which there is a visa requirement. If you need a visa, Visumservice Twente is the right place to be. Fast reaction times and personal contact make you feel comfortable when you are travelling to a country for which there is a visa requirement.

Visumservice Twente distinguishes itself because of its personal contact and short and clear communication lines. When you need a visa, please contact Visumservice Twente, and you will then receive an up to date overview of the necessary materials. You will hand over the necessary documents to Visumservice Twente and they will take care of the rest of the process. This will save you time because you will not have to undertake any action anymore yourself. Your documents are checked and accepted. This will also save you at least two trips to an embassy or consulate each time you need a visa.


Visumservice Twente

Bisschopstraat 45

7595 AS Weerselo

The Netherlands

0541 662407

Export Ambition

Make sure travellers travel with the correct travel documents.

Export Countries

All countries that require a visa.